Complexity in Organization, Management, and Economics

Session chairs:

Stephan Leitner, University of Klagenfurt

Friederike Wall, University of Klagenfurt


Over the years, agent-based modelling and simulation have become increasingly popular in the fields of management, organization, and economic sciences. This positive trend is due to the collaborative efforts of researchers across various disciplines, such as social sciences, physics, computer science, engineering, and psychology, who have successfully applied this method to solve complex problems. As technology advances, this stream of research continues to grow, offering new possibilities for research.

The proposed special track has the objective to gather researchers interested in using agent-based modeling and simulation to address complex contemporary challenges in management, organization, and economic sciences. We welcome papers that explore recent developments, innovative applications, and future directions in this field.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Contemporary topics in management and organizational science: Organizational resilience and the use of digital twins.
  • Microeconomic agent-based models: Formation of market structures and the role of ABM in game theory.
  • Macroeconomic agent-based models: Examining economic crises, patterns of growth, social dynamics as, for example, caused by self-fulfilling prophecies, business cycles, and the effects of climate change and sustainability.
  • Simulating human behavior.
  • Group decision-making and collective intelligence.
  • Innovative hybrid methodologies for ABM.
  • Promoting transparency and ensuring reproducibility in agent-based models.
  • Innovating new approaches and solutions using ABM.