Microsimulation and Agent-based Modelling

Session chairs:

Corinna Elsenbroich, University of Glasgow

Alison Heppenstall, University of Leeds

Matteo Richiardi, University of Essex


Microsimulation and agent-based modelling are originally two distinct kinds of individual based social simulation models. Traditionally microsimulation is data driven, focussing on veracity in representing individuals in both attributes and state transitions. Agent-based modelling on the other hand has focussed largely on the interactions of individuals. Over the last two decades the divisions between these two kinds of simulation models have become blurred with microsimulations integrating interdependencies between individuals and agent-based models parametrising their agent populations from rich datasets.  This special track invites papers on models at the intersection of microsimulation and agent-based modelling as well as reflections on methodological and epistemological challenges of integrating the two approaches.