Social Simulation and Games


ESSA Special Interest Group Social Simulation and Games

Session chairs:

Timo Szczepanska, CRAFT Research Lab, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway

Melania Borit, CRAFT Research Lab, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway

Harko Verhagen, Stockholm University, Sweden


This special track focuses on the interplay between social simulation and games. We wish to bring together researchers working in both fields at a crossroads where synergies will be created between the two areas. (NB! The games domain is not the same with the game theory one.)

  • Game design. What level of abstraction is chosen for a game intended to be combined with an agent-based model (ABM) in a research setup? What game elements / game mechanics are useful?
  • Modelling the social situation. Which approach captures the situation with sufficient granularity? How should a choice be made to include specific theories and models that describe the situation?
  • Example implementations. Stories of success and failure: Which elements in a game that includes social interaction turn out to be useful, and which are counter-productive? Which elements of social simulations can be used in the design of games? How can you document the games & ABM research design in a useful way?