NISE: Norms and Institutions in the Social Environment

Session chairs:

Christopher Frantz, Department of Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Amineh Ghorbani, Faculty of Technology, policy and management, Delft University of Technology, NL


A prominent theme in social simulation is the behavioral and structural representation of
institutions, be it in the form of conventions, social norms or formal institutions (e.g., legal rules). In
this now third iteration of the special track, we invite for contributions that leverage an
understanding of how build social structure from the bottom-up, drawing attention to the
importance of normative processes and institutional features such as decision-making, governance
arrangements, as well as explanatory accounts for emergence and/or influence of the
normative/institutional environment on societal outcomes. This track will hence invite for
conceptual or applied approaches focusing on

1- Theories and frameworks capturing norms and institutions in agent-based models
2- Methodologies for collecting data on norms and institutions (and related concepts)
3- Verification and validation of models of norms and institutions
4- Models incorporating institutional or normative concepts, including the study of dynamics
5- Models exploring the interaction between the norms and grown or injected policies