Social Simulations for SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)

Session chairs:

Herewith Keith Larson, Umeå university

Frank Dignum, Umeå university


We are interested to get people together that are interested to use social simulations to get better insights in the ways SDG can be achieved. In particular, current approaches to achieve SDG are often very one dimensional and thus making progress on one SDG might negative influence another. Using simulations to explore the dependencies between interventions and the consequences for the SDG seems not just an interesting, but a necessary approach.

In this track we aim to bring together people that have modeled and simulated socio-ecological systems as well as people looking at poverty, education, climate change and immigration. Covering some of the different aspects and seeing the approaches next to each other might give a good starting point for more complex social simulations that can be used to inform more effective policies and also inform the public debates about the issues.