Session chairs:

Vivek Nallur, University College Dublin

Christian Kammler, Umeå University

Katharina Luckner, University of Hamburg/University of Copenhagen


The ESSA@work special track invites participants to present a model-in-progress to gather feedback and suggestions to improve, adapt and/or extend their model. The model can be at any stage of development, however, it should have been at least partially explored by authors. Participants  should prepare clear and concise questions/problems that they are struggling with.  These questions must be submitted ahead of time to allow for the preparation of feedback. Feedback to participants comes from three different sources: two expert modellers, their co-presenters, and the audience. The audience is invited to serve as ad-hoc experts by joining the expert panel in a fish-bowl set-up. In the feedback process, emphasis is placed on constructive exploration of possible solutions to the problems raised by the participants.

Note: Due to the work-in-progress nature of submissions to the ESSA@work track,  these contributions will not be included in the conference proceedings. Submissions should follow the general submission guidelines. Please indicate that your abstract or paper is meant for ESSA@work during the submission process, and complete the ESSA@work application in order to be considered for presenting during the ESSA@work session.